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Diving into the Extravaganza - Events, Concerts & Fests

It sounds all hunky-dory when spoken about stepping out of your house to start a life in a new city. There is a different plan going in your head all over. It begins from making new friends to traveling to new places, partying and attending every concert/fest/event possible.

But when reality hits you, it hits you hard!

I would not say it is way too difficult, but it is not at all easy. Firstly, just throw out of your mind that you are going to not miss your family! Second, you have to get your shit together in order to lead a simple life in here.

Definitely, you can attend parties, events and fest. But attending all of them is a way too much to be fulfilled.

I have always thought that living independently, rather more precisely, away from my parents would make me learn the real facts in a much better way and even faster, I guess.

So, I always had in my mind that things will be not as beautiful as social media showcases. However, attending fest and events were surely on my list.

So, wh…

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