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6 Books To Read When Traveling

Surround yourself with positive vibes they say, Little did they know positive is in silence, I say, it is in books, a mere pleasure in turning each page, A sense of satisfaction in weaving the stories left back.
I have always loved traveling. I never travel to write blogs - indeed it is an additional perk. Also, a perk just because I love to write them down, the experience, and ultimately to tell stories. Nevertheless, my love for travel has always been pure. Initially, I feared and was skeptical for traveling alone.

However, when I did, there was a lot of time with me during the time that I was traveling. And I always loved reading books, but I fell more for it as I initially used it to pass my time and then eventually I fell completely for it. So, since we are talking about books and before we jump into the Top 6 favorite reads, let us begin with a short story.

Long ago I could never stay at my place for more than certain periods of time. And whenever I had nothing to do, I would crib …

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